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Patio Furniture Covers - Grill Heater Fire Pit Covers

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Egg Grill Covers

We've got your BBQ grill covered. Small, Medium, Large or Kettle. Duck Covers offer waterproof grill cover protection, like how an umbrella keeps you dry. And our tech fabric is breathable. What? OK...if condensation is your grill's enemy, air is the muscle that will rough it up so it evaporates, and then show it the door. So you mean, no moisture in, but the grill cover lets moisture out? Yup! The grill cover is the door because it allows evaporation to pass through the fabric. Migrate to the best grill covers on the market!. Get it? Good. Get Duck Covers today.

  • It's raining, it's snowing. Bummer. No grilling today! Good thing the grill is protected with our waterproof grill cover!
  • Your grill looks sweet. So should the grill cover. Ours looks great and the UV treatment will keep it that way.
  • Grab hold; slip off the grill cover; start grillin' and chillin'. Cover it back up once your belly is full.
  • No heavy covers needed. Lightweight grill covers make the job easy and when it's windy, the Velcro straps will lock it down.
  • When you are done with our grill cover (and that will be a long time from now), chuck it in the recycling bin. Yup, eco!

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