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Accessory Pump

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Duck Covers - Air Conditioner Cover
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Duck Covers - Log Rack Cover
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Duck Covers - Fountain Cover
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Duck Dome Airbag - 36x84
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Duck Dome Airbag - Round 24x54
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Duck Dome Airbag - 36x66
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Duck Dome Airbag - 24x60
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Duck Dome Airbag - 24x32
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Duck Dome Airbag - 36x48
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Duck Dome Airbag - 36x36
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Electric Air Pump

The more you cover, the longer your stuff will last!

Check out these covers!   Bet you didn’t expect that we made covers for some of this stuff, but this is pretty standard.   We have made covers for a crab statue, heavy machinery, deck railings and many other unusual things.   This is the perfect opportunity to plug our custom covers.   If you dream it up, we can make it.   Click here to get more details.

We will continue to add to the list of covers below, but let us know what we are missing and we might just add it.

  • Air Conditioner Covers
  • Fountain Covers
  • Log Rack Covers
  • Lawnmower / Riding Mower Covers

You are also probably wondering why there is an air pump in here as well.   Good question.   Have you ever tried to blow up a 36” x 84” air bag using just your lungs?   We have, and after we came to, we swore not to try it again.   Don’t be a hero, use the air pump designed to work with covers equipped with our Duck Dome air bag (the big blue pillows).   It is rechargeable, it blows, it sucks (by that we mean you can use to speed up deflation of the air bag) and it includes three adaptors so you can use it for other inflatable things around the house. Great for camping as well!

Keep your outdoor essentials looking great all year round!   Choose Duck Covers!

Top Tip: You don’t have to use the Duck Dome air bag all of the time, but definitely use it when your patio furniture will not be used for a long period of time (on vacation, second home, fall, winter).   It really works!   And remember to store your cushions in a warm, dry place during these prolonged periods.   They are giant sponges and can get moldy.

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