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We know why you are here. You have recently acquired some lavish patio furniture, a large-scale investment for most (assuming your not a dot com billionaire). Either that or your previous outdoor furniture cover just didn’t cut it. Welcome to Duck Covers, the home of the most innovative patio furniture covers on the market today. Your search is over today!

“What makes our patio furniture cover solution different?” Good question. Let’s start by suggesting that anyone can cut and sew material into a patio furniture cover. Other than determining the right sizes, this is the easy part. The tricky part is bringing innovation to a pretty straight forward category like patio furniture covers. How to become revolutionary, unique, differentiated? Time to use our big brains!

What is the primary reason for a patio furniture cover? To do the best job possible of protecting your patio furniture, but what does that mean? Clean, dry and cozy! We are on the right track. What about all of the water and junk that pools on top of your patio furniture cover? And the stains it creates? What to do, what to do. Got it! Let’s elevate the cover and create a curved surface (here comes the tag line), like water off a duck’s back. So we need something with volume. Enter the Duck Dome air bag (some people call it a pillow). Make different air bag sizes to fit different furniture sizes, fill it with air, and place in flat spots on the furniture - bye-bye pooling water! Plus no messy clean up! That is a good idea, we better patent it! Done and done. “Any other benefits of this new, unsurpassed level of protection?” Why yes. Elevating the cover also vastly improves airflow. Air is the enemy of condensation and when they fight, air always wins. Evaporation escapes through our breathable cover material and presto, a dry and cozy home for your patio furniture. Need more stats, check us out here.

We have a lot of patio furniture cover categories and sizes and we add new ones all the time. Scroll back up and find what you need. We can even show you how to measure your patio furniture so you get it right. “It appears I bought some mammoth patio furniture or some really cool shapes. What do I do?” No worries. Check out our custom cover solution, where we go the extra mile to put an end to your search for protection. Still need help? Send us an email at or call us at (888) 919-3539. We’ve got you covered!

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