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It is scorching hot! Need to find some shade.

Other than a decorative accessory in your outdoor oasis, the primary job of your umbrella is to shade your delicate complexion and sensitive eyes from the sun. Being in the industry, we can tell you there are a lot of beautiful umbrellas out there. But you already know that because that’s why you are reading up on umbrella covers.

We admit that we always recommend that you store your umbrella in a warm dry place when not in use for extended periods of time (like winter…boo!). “So why then do you manufacture and market an umbrella cover?' The answer is simple. When you are using your umbrella on a frequent basis, you need to protect it from dust and rain because even the highest quality fabrics can get dirty and stain. Get out your fabric cleaner and scrub brush.

Check out our pictures of the umbrella cover in the gallery. See the guy holding a wand while installing the cover? Pretty cool, huh? Yes, but also a necessary component unless you are 8 feet tall. Umbrellas are tall and most are located in the middle of your dining table. No need to get out the stepladder or climb up on the table, just use the installation wand, which is included with your Duck Covers’ umbrella cover. It even has it’s own little storage sleeve inside so you can store the wand with the cover.

Umbrella covers rock! Avoid constant cleaning and help that beautiful fabric last longer. Get your umbrella cover today and make sure it is a Duck Cover. You are already here and ours are the best!

Top Tip : Use it. It really, really works!

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